English Shayari -1: Best Heart Touching Status

English Shayari : Hello friends how are you? I hope you are enjoying the best shayari platform, i.e. Shayari Sukun. Today, we have very special and beautiful Hindi To English Shayari, English Shayari On Love post for you. Love is a beautiful feeling! People in love seem to be happy all the time for no special reason. Everything around seems to be bright and beautiful!

Be it one-sided love or reciprocated love, the feeling is just wonderful! There’s a special glow on their face and they’ll pick bright colors to wear! Don’t believe me? Fall in love and listen these beautiful English Shayari, you’ll agree with me!

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You can fill your heart with love by listening to these beautiful English Shayari in the voice of Manpreet Kaur!

But tragic love stories… oh, that’s so painful! It tears you apart! It’s the most upsetting thing in the world if the person you love is not interested in you. Nothing else breaks your heart, the way these Best Heart Touching Status does for you!

It doesn’t matter at what stage of love you are right now… one-sided, proposed, in a relationship or post-breakup stage. you will still relate to our wonderful collection of English Shayari In Hindi, English Shayari Hindi, English Shayari For Love.

We request you to share these wonderful English Shayari Hindi, Romantic Love Shayari In English, Love Shayari In English with all your friends and family also.

So friends, have a look here:

Table of Content

  1. Hindi To English Shayari – हिंदी टू इंग्लिश शायरी
  2. English Shayari In Hindi – इंग्लिश शायरी इन हिंदी
  3. English Shayari On Life – इंग्लिश शायरी ऑन लाइफ
  4. English Shayari Hindi – इंग्लिश शायरी हिंदी
  5. English Shayari – इंग्लिश शायरी
  6. Conclusion

Hindi To English Shayari – हिंदी टू इंग्लिश शायरी

Hindi To English Shayari
Hindi To English Shayari

I’m diving into your thought
lost somewhere in middle…

baby, you are my destiny
take me into your cuddle…


we'll fly higher than dove
to fight for our love, I'm warrior..

my sweetu, I'll never leave you
my majesty, I'm yours forever..


Hindi To English Shayari will help you find out your love. When you are in love, you tend to be physically somewhere else but mentally, into your lover’s thoughts. You just can’t wait to be together again! Passing even a day without each other seems like an eternity! And once you’re together, everything else ceases to exist.

English Shayari In Hindi – इंग्लिश शायरी इन हिंदी

English Shayari In Hindi
English Shayari In Hindi

I lost myself in your eyes
don’t be out of my sight…

imprison me deeply forever
I love you more than infinite…


they said love is never late…

baby, you are only my soulmate…


English Shayari In Hindi will show the love in your heart. Place or time doesn’t matter once you are with your lifeline. With eyes locked onto each other and weaving imagination of a beautiful future together. The couple is hardly aware of the world around them and why should they be when they have each other that mean the world to them!

English Shayari On Life – इंग्लिश शायरी ऑन लाइफ


in the heart of ocean,
pearls are sparkling…

I love you so much baby,
my heart melts with giggling…


powerful and deep it will forever be,
my love is like raging sea..

love you more with every heartbeat,
our hearts are so pure and sweet!


English Shayari On Life is the best way to show your feelings. It’s said that if you can say why exactly you love a person, then you just don’t love them but merely like them! If you get butterflies in your stomach, the moment you see your partner, Whenever, your heartbeat increases and you can’t look straight into his or her eyes or your heart melts by their touch… trust me, he/she is the one!

English Shayari Hindi – इंग्लिश शायरी हिंदी


love first comes and all seems right
beyond our reason that we two can fight..

if love can stay strong when it’s tested by fire
then we’d share a future that most would admire!


I would be aimless
if you were not in my life..

your love is priceless
to reach goals of my life!


English Shayari Hindi will make your love feelings so pretty. You get the power to fight with the world to be with your love forever! Being in love empowers you and gives you the strength to take a stand against the world. The beautiful feeling of being in each other’s arms forever is just enough to sacrifice everything else!

English Shayari – इंग्लिश शायरी


when you look at me with sparkling love in your eyes,
I smile and begin to wonder..

oh my dear, your cute words make me rise,
as if, I'm a beautiful flower!


my babbu said to me
she wants to surf ocean..

I'll be watchful to see her
in pico second slow motion..


English Shayariis the only way to find your soulmate. Love can happen anywhere, any moment with anyone. It’s never too late or too early to find true love. Sometimes, you can be with a person all your life and still never fall in love while at other times, you fall in first sight love! True love is innocent, pure & sweet and once you find your soul mate then size, complexion, status, age, nothing of that sort matters!


Friends, we know that love is a strange feeling, which cannot be described in words. But with the help of these Best Heart Touching Status, we want to tell you that love is the most beautiful and wonderful feeling.

– Avalokita Pandey

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2 thoughts on “English Shayari -1: Best Heart Touching Status”

  1. Excellent presentation Manpreet Ma’m!!
    Mind blowing Shayaries and engaging script.. listening to these Shayaries in your style was really a great experience..

    love first comes and all seems right
    beyond our reason that we two can fight..
    if love can stay strong when it’s tested by fire
    then we’d share a future that most would admire!
    Nice 1 Vanshika ma’m…

    Congratulations on the success of new venture Team Shayari Sukun- English Shayari

    Best Wishes!!
    – Kalyani

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