I’m diving into your thought lost somewhere in middle… baby, you are my destiny take me into your cuddle…

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we'll fly higher than dove to fight for our love, I'm warrior.. my sweetu, I'll never leave you my majesty, I'm yours forever..

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I want to travel into space I may found alien as enemy.. But now I've no fear because Ultimately you're my destiny.. English Shayari

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I'll write the poem for you Beautiful than shakespeare.. I can do this continuosly.. Only because of you my dear.. Shayari in English

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Your face sparkles at me Same like a diamond star.. Although we live at distance You're in my heart but not far.. English Shayari

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I lost myself in your eyes don’t be out of my sight… imprison me deeply forever I love you more than infinite…

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Whenever you feel boring I'll ask you for long drive.. Don't fear & hesitate darling I'll keep you safe and me alive.. English Shayari

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in the heart of ocean, pearls are sparkling… I love you so much baby, my heart melts with giggling…

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powerful and deep it will forever be, my love is like raging sea.. love you more with every heartbeat, our hearts are so pure and sweet!

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