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What is Vakrasana and its Benefits

By Malvika Kashyap

June 2 2022

Shayari Sukun

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Yoga's Vakrasana is a fantastic spinal twist pose. Vakrasana is made up of two words: Vakra, which means "twisted," and asana, which means "yoga pose."

Vakrasana steps cause a suitable twisting of the spine, which is why it's also known as easy spinal twist position and half spinal twist pose.

Vakrasana is a simple yoga asana that benefits the liver, intestine, testis, kidney, ovary, pancreas, and stomach, among other body organs.

Benefits of Vakrasana Check out the following Benefits of Vakrasana. These Yoga practice will certainly help you to  improve your health

Vakrasana Steps to Practise it Correctly Vakrasana is beneficial to those with diabetes, and if you do it every day, it will help you burn belly fat.

If you have a slipped disc, a severe spine, ulcers, a shoulder or hip injury, or have recently had surgery on your abdomen, hips, or thorax, you should avoid this asana.


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