Top 10 Saree poses for Girls

By Aditi Kshirsagar

March 29 2022

Shayari Sukun

Note अगले स्लाइड पर जाने के लिए,  या फिर विज्ञापन स्किप करने के लिए स्क्रीन को टच करें

Yellow Location Pin

Like a Queen At home, you'd undoubtedly enjoy a unique sitting stance for your saree. It gives you a royal and calm look like Aditi in this photo.

Display your back You can display your back while standing in front of a wall or curtain. Make sure your pallu is flowing freely and your hair is flipped to the front.

Poses On Saree Leaning at looking except camera is a beautiful way to achieve this pose. Make sure the photographer doesn't ruin your photoshoot

Standing Straight Look at the camera and keep your posture straight with your hands on your waist when posing in the straight style. Aditi looks beautiful in this pose.

Play with something Play with your any object when posing for shots at home to appear more natural. This allows you to effortlessly achieve another iconic saree position

Relaxed Saree Poses When posing for saree shots, it's important to have a calm demeanour. With one hand on your waist or thighs and the other on a side table, you can stand carefree

Nauvari Saree Poses You might also acquire a flawless photo by using a perception trick. All you have to do now is experiment with the colours.

Diva Saree Poses If you want to do close-up poses in a saree for your next photograph,  you should surely try this  dedicated diva position

Seating Pose Flare your saree drape while sitting, crossing both hands and resting them on your knees

Hiding behind wall This pose looks so pleasant, especially when you hide yourself in half portions and have a smile on your face

Garden Photo Pose

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