Ray  Liotta Biography

By Malvika Kashyap

May 27 2022

Shayari Sukun

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Ray Liotta was Born: 18 December 1954 Died: 26 May 2022 Ray Liotta is dead at the age of 67

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Liotta went to the University of Miami to study acting after graduating from Union High School in 1973. Following that, Liotta relocated to New York.

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Ray Liotta, a veteran actor who co-starred with Robert De Niro in the film "Goodfellas," has died, and his co-star Robert De Niro says, "He was way too young to have left us."

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Raymond Allen Liotta was an actor and producer from the United States. He was most recognised for his role as Shoeless Joe Jackson in the film Field of Dreams (1989)


Mary (Edgar), a township clerk, and Alfred Liotta, an auto parts store owner, adopted Liotta when he was born in Newark, New Jersey.  He went to the University of Miami to study acting.

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Liotta won the 'Boston Society of Film Critics Award' for 'Best Supporting Actor' for his supporting performance as Ray Sinclair in 'Something Wild,' released in 1986.


Hometown: Newark, New Jersey Height: 1.83 m Wife: Michelle Grace Net Worth: $14 Million Father: Alfred Liotta


Ray Liotta was a well-known actor and producer in Hollywood. He fell into acting by accident, made horrible performances, and was frequently type cast as aggressive crazy characters.


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