Mother  Teresa Biography

By Malvika Kashyap

May 28 2022

Shayari Sukun

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Mother Teresa had dedicated her entire life to helping others. She became a pillar of strength for the impoverished, sick, and defenceless. She will always be the Global Icon.

On August 26, 1910, Mother Teresa was born. Skopje, her birthplace, is today the capital of the Republic of Macedonia.

mother teresa early life

Mother Teresa's father was Nikola Bojaxhiu, and Teresa's mother's name was Dranafile Bojaxhiu. Her father worked in the business world.

Her Family

Nikola Bojaxhiu, her father, died while she was only nine years old. His business partners took all of Nicola's money when he died.

Her Family

Her mother, Dranafile Bojaxhiu, on the other hand, was a formidable woman. She never gave up hope. She took on all of the tasks of feeding her family on her shoulders.

Her given name was not Mother Teresa. Agnes was her given name as a child. She was a woman with a heart full of love and compassion from the moment she was born.

kind heart

Agnes had completed her Albanian language education at a Private Catholic School. When she was younger, she was quite attractive.

Teresa's life's direction and purpose shifted as she grew older. She was involved in Church activities on a regular basis. Her upbringing had a significant influence on her.

Turning Point

Teresa took her first vow of celibacy in 1931. Teresa was assigned to a convent school in Darjeeling by her institution. She was a math, geography, and religion teacher.

Teresa was devastated when the Second World War broke out. The deterioration of humanity astounded her. She was in charge of all institutional activities at the time, and she faced numerous problems.

The partition of India was also a critical juncture in history. Then Teresa and the other Missionaries stepped in to assist each and every one of them.

Teresa referred to herself as the Mother of the Poor, the Needy, the Refugees, the Slums, the Disabled, and the Unwanted.

Hometown: Skopje Height: 1.52 m DOB: 26 August 1910 Death Date: 5 September 1997 Age: 87 years when she died.


Mother Teresa (1910–1997) was a Roman Catholic nun who dedicated her life to helping the world's impoverished and destitute.


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