Top 7 Marsha  P Johnson Quotes

By Sagar Wazarkar

June 1, 2024


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Discover the powerful and inspiring quotes by Marsha P. Johnson, a pioneering LGBTQ+ activist and drag queen who played a crucial role in the fight for equality.


"No Pride for Some of Us Without Liberation for All of Us"

This quote emphasizes the importance of unity and collective liberation within the LGBTQ+ community.


"History Isn't Something You Look Back At and Say It Was Inevitable"

It encourages us to actively participate in creating a better future.


"Pay It No Mind"

Known as her signature phrase, "Pay It No Mind" was Marsha's way of dismissing negativity and staying true to herself. It’s a reminder to be unapologetically authentic.


"I May Be Crazy,  But That Don’t Make Me Wrong"

This quote reflects Marsha's bold and fearless attitude. 


"I Was No One, Nobody, from Nowhere,  Until I Became a Drag Queen"

It underscores the significance of embracing who you are.


"We Deserve to Have a Place at the Table"

Marsha advocated for the marginalized voices to be heard and recognized in all spheres of society.

Legacy of Love  and Activism

Marsha P. Johnson's legacy is one of love, resilience, and relentless activism. Her quotes continue to inspire and empower people around the world.