1. Life is beauty admire it, Life is a dream realize it, Life is too precious, do not destroy it Life is life fight for it. - Vanshika [shayarisukun.com]

2. People are made to love and then break , Only self love is real ,rest is all fake . Every breath I take,I dedicate it to u, U are the reason for everything I do - Vanshika

3. love first comes and all seems right beyond our reason that we two can fight.. if love can stay strong when it’s tested by fire then we’d share a future that most would admire! -Vanshika

4. I would be aimless if you were not in my life.. your love is priceless to reach goals of my life! -Vanshika [shayarisukun.com]

5. There are days when I lie awake in my bed and wonder, M so lucky u came into my life like the princess of tales yonder - Vanshika [shayarisukun.com]

6. when you look at me with sparkling  love in your eyes, I smile and begin to wonder.. oh my dear, your cute words make me rise, as if, I'm a beautiful flower! -Manali

7. I wish u knew the way I felt, Everytime I looked at you, I wish u knew my heart would melt, When I thought of me and you -Vanshika

8. My Babbu said to me she wants to surf ocean.. I'll be watchful to see her in pico second slow motion.. -Sagar

9. Words are not enough To explain my feelings In the all painful times You are the only healing - Ehsaas by Ketki

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10. The angels sing when u are near Within ur arms I have nothing to fear -Vanshika

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